Immune Defence – Best Immunity Booster for Women in 2020

Immune Defence is the latest Immunity booster for women to fight against coronavirus Covid-19.

Another good for nothing supplement or can Immune Defence really add any value in your life!

Current COVID condition

The COVID-19 is the pandemic disease, which is the concern of every human being of current times, regardless of age, location, and gender.

Hospitals are struggling with the high influx of sick patients due to Coronavirus. 

According to WHO, 462 684+ confirmed with COVID-19 and confirmed the deaths of 20 834+ people across the globe.

China is the most badly affected country with 81300+ confirmed cases and 3293+ deaths; Italy follows with 74386+ total confirmed cases and 7505+ deaths. 

It urges the need to look for ways to enhance or improve the immunity system.

Overview of Immune Defence

best immunity booster for women

Immune Defence is the soothing lozenges. Within a few seconds, the aniseed-flavored lozenges dissolve on your tongues. Every lozenge on average provides you with 3.13% of Vitamin C (2.5mg) and 35% of Elemental Zinc (3.5mg). 

It provides a soothing effect to your throat with zinc ions and provides relief from common cold symptoms. There is something later about it! 

Moreover, the researches support the amazing effects of every ingredient in enhancing your immune system as well as boosting your weakened immune system.

The Zinc makes a combination with the rhinovirus coat’s carboxyl termini (negative charge).

Also, it ensures strong prevention from entering the cells and ensuring no further reproduction of the virus. 

Why use Immune Defence?

Due to the prevailing conditions of pandemic disease, COVID-19, people are looking for immune boosters.

As they know, how easily the virus is spreading all across the globe.

This is an ideal time to educate people and create awareness about using supplements for boosting their immune system to build stronger immunity against diseases and viruses like around these days. 

  • An immune e booster:  it can help you build affinity against diseases. 
  • Great Dosage of Zinc: Every lozenge has 14 mg in the dosage of every day. 
  • Vitamin A, C, and E: Presence of Acerola and Rosehip makes it highly rich in vitamins (C, A, and E). 
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly: It comprises of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Appropriate for 12+ years old: It is among one of the best supplements to boost the immune system of your entire family. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: It offers a money-back guarantee without any risk within 100 days. 
  • Different sizes: you can order it according to your needs. It is available in both family and single packs. However, you can save more in family packs!
  • Great taste: The aniseed and sweet flavor make it tempting.
  • Easy to dissolve: The lozenges are the easiest and quickest form of intake for the ease of its customers. 
  • High Quality: the UK manufactured it providing the customers with best and premium quality products.  

How can Immune Defence help? 

Immune Defence for women can be an effective measure to prevent people from falling in the high-risk category.

They can get a better solution for protecting themselves and their loved ones. You can boost the immune system to fight against Coronavirus by making your immune system stronger. 

Daily intake of Immune Defence every two hours can provide the essential nutrients. It can provide you with quick relief from cold symptoms. 

Also, it knows how to boost your immune system during stress even. Stress is also one of the reasons for the weakened immune system.

During too much stressful time, run-down, and tiredness, the immunity will get weak and impair. It makes you more prone to viruses, infections, and bacteria. 

The natural ingredients like Zinc Gluconate ensure for immune support. The natural immunity of your body will fortify due to the regular intake of lozenges of Immune Defence. 

The presence of Zinc in these lozenges creates the antiviral defense feature, particularly during the seasons of the virus, flu, and cold season. It provides great support for the resistance of the body against high infections going around them. 

Moreover, regular intake will also reduce the incidence of colds and its symptoms.

According to the studies, it can reduce flu or cold symptoms by 50%.

Boosting Immune System in Women

Besides, it is strong support for the individual immune system. It is also an effective way to improve and enhance the immune system of all ages.

This makes it suitable for the entire family. Every adult and child can use it, provided they are older than 12 years. 

IT guarantees the protection and wellbeing of the whole family. Old people with a weakened immune system also enjoy its benefits. 

Surely, these are the easiest to carry supplements because of being available in the form of lozenges.

You can store them easily at workplaces and homes. Feel the ease in carrying while traveling too! 

Remember, your immune system comprises the complex collections of chemicals, processes, and cells.

Thus, it provides strong defensive against the invaders, pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and toxins inside your body.

Therefore, make sure to keep your immune system stronger the whole year. It will be a key for protection against disease and infections. 

How Immune Defence Can Help Fight Coronavirus?

The article will discuss bolstering the ways how to boost and improve the immune system.

It is possible through many ways to make your immunity stronger and better to prevent and fight against diseases. 

But nobody can ensure these ways to be a cure or prevention for the pandemic disease, COVID-19.

There is no such thing as supplements for Coronavirus. However, you can just boost the immune system to fight Covid-19. 

Ingredients Of Immune Defence

best supplements to boost women immune system

When you look for effective supplements for boosting your immunity, Immune Defence is a good option for women.

Moreover, when all of the ingredients combine, it turns out to be a strong portion for boosting your immune system. 

The ingredients of this supplement are ideal for enhancing your immunity. Thus, this is the reason you can count this supplement when you are searching for supplements to boost the immune system. 

Every ingredient of Immune Defence holds its unique property.

Therefore, it will help you to develop a stronger and better immune system, according to the research studies. Have a look at the secret behind its effectiveness!

You may have a look below to all of the ingredients present in Immune Defence:

  • Sugar
  • Rose Hip Powder
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Acerola Powder
  • Bulking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate)
  • Oil of Aniseed
  • Wondering about the reason for the effectiveness of the ingredient? So, we must start with the introduction of every ingredient responsible for the stronger immune system in detail:
1) Zinc Gluconate

You can easily suck lozenges to intake Zinc Gluconate. It is an effective way of significantly reducing the duration of the common cold.

You can easily reduce the sereneness and duration of the cold symptoms. Thus, its intake is beneficial in controlling the symptoms of the common cold. 

However, it is must to have an adequate quantity of the basic Zinc in lozenges. You must remember that researches count Zinc as one of the natural and popular remedies for treating the colds and cases of flu. 

Firstly, people should take the Zinc Gluconate lozenges within the onset of the symptoms during the 24 hours.

It will help in reducing the duration of the symptoms of the common cold in healthy people. Yet, the dosage recommended for its effectiveness must be greater than 75mg per day. 

It plays a vital role in building the immune system. Therefore, it does so by producing more immune cells and helps to regulate the inflammation. 

Secondly, this highlights another key role of Zinc in controlling the inflammation of the body. Its presence is vital in fighting against infections. Thus, it further assists in the balancing of the immune response. 

According to the study of Ohio State University, Zinc is present on this pathway, which helps in shutting it down. Thus, this assures no uncontrolled immune response. The further revealed that deficiency of Zinc may lead to other consequences.

Lastly, its deficiency will reduce the number of immune cells. It will give rise to your inflammation. Besides, Zinc plays a vital role in controlling the excessive inflammation of your body by stopping the protein’s action.

You can notice the visible effects in elderly people in the form of diseases like atherosclerosis, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders. 

However, giving the supplements of Zinc at the initial stages may stop the invasion of pathogen well before time. Immunity becomes stronger with more immune cells and a reduction in inflammation. 

2) Vitamin C

When we paraphrase the researches of numerous scientists and their numbers of hours, vitamin C is the most essential ingredient. 

Firstly, Vitamin C is vital in the protection of your immune system. Also, it is effective in reducing the sereneness of the allergic reactions.

Moreover, Vitamin C is a powerful source to combat infections. You cannot deny the effective amelioration of Vitamin C against common colds. 

Secondly, vitamin C taken in a regular form of either supplements or foods should be regularly not at the start of colds. According to the Recommended Dietary Allowance, men must take 90 mg/day, and women must take 75 mg/day. 

Besides, reducing the chances of getting cold, vitamin C is a good way to reduce the duration of common cold, on average, by 14% in children and 8% in the grownups.

This reduces one day of sickness. It is important for the majority of people because the common cold is a cause of loss of 23 million days at workplaces annually. 

According to the random and controlled trial of five years, vitamin C seems significant in controlling the incidence of cold.

You can notice the effects on the people who are trying to combat stressful conditions like the marathon runners, soldiers, and even the people getting training at the Arctic. 

Thus, its extra intake is beneficial for some patients who catch a cold despite its daily intake.  

Lastly, Vitamin C is the main supporting molecule and antioxidant in the enhancing of the immune system in women. 

Being a cofactor for numerous enzymes and activating the critical genes present in the immune cells, it turns out to be amazing defensor, specifically during the period of any systemic infection. So make sure to get constant and ample resupply when you are sick. 

Therefore, it helps in the prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia. It enhances the several functions of immune cells. Therefore, you must make sure to take the recommended dosage of Vitamin C. 

Acerola is highly rich in vitamin C as well as Vitamin A. The immune booster supplement contains Acerola powder to ease its customers.

3) Vitamin A

Don’t forget vitamin A is an essential and critical vitamin in developing and regulating your immune system as well as adaptive immunity. 

Also, it can be a good source for enhancing the function of immunity. Thus it will provide a strong defense against various infectious diseases. It strongly invades the mucosal linings. The mucosal barriers become strong, and the immune cells stop bacteria and viruses.

4) Vitamin E

This potent antioxidant enhances immunity responses. Therefore, it provides strong protection against many infectious diseases. Host immune system support also gets better and ensures stronger immunity. 

Besides, the weakened immune system of elderly people can also improve with the intake of Supplements to boost the immune system, particularly containing vitamin E too. 

Tips for Boosting Immunity Naturally

best ingredients to boost immunity naturally

There are many ways through which you can easily boost your immunity.

After all, stronger immunity will be a defensive and precautionary measure against infections and diseases. 

Below is a list of tips to boost your immunity:

  • Clean Hands: Ensure to wash your hands for 20 seconds, at least. Avoid touching the infected or common areas.
  • Manage your stress levels: Researches prove that your immune system gets weak and impair due to stressful conditions. So monitor your stress levels and exercise some stress relief activities.
  • Exercising: make sure to exercise regularly for good health
  • Adequate sleep: You must sleep, so you may have good health and strong immunity. 
  • Good Diet: Make sure to intake recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruits to get the desired essential nutrients and vitamins. It will make the immunity stronger. Make sure to make a healthy and well-balanced diet. 
  • Vaccination: you should get flu shots and vaccinations done. This will protect against other diseases and flu. The immune system will get stimulation for protection against diseases. Vaccines will provide recognition of specific pathogens to the immune systems. This will help them in building defense when they encounter them.

Coronavirus Related FAQs

Q1: Who are at high risk of Coronavirus?

  • Elderly People
  • Children
  • Patients with existing health conditions

Q2: What are the Precautions of Coronavirus?

  • Don’t touch the face with infected hands.
  • Wash Hands. 
  • Do not touch the face. 
  • Avoid large gatherings.
  • Avoid physical contact like shaking hands.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Self-isolation.

 Q3: Which are the worst affected countries?

  • China,
  • Italy,
  • US, 
  • Spain, 
  • Germany,
  • Iran,
  • France, 
  • Switzerland, 
  • South Korea 
  • The UK

Where to Buy Immune Defence

Buy Immune Defence

Immune Defence is readily available on its official website only. It is not available on Amazon or GNC.

So, if you wish and plan to buy Immune Defence for you and your family, order it from its official website. 

Price of Immune Defence

The supply of 120 lozenges of Immune Defence will cost $44.95.

It might not be cheapest, but every penny spends on it will be worth it. 

Recommended Dosage

You can take two capsules every two hours. Make sure not to exceed the intakes to more than 4 lozenges. 

Who Should Not Use Immune Defence?

The following people must avoid Immune Defence:

Children below 12 years

What are the side effects of Immune Defence?

There are no reports about the side effects of the intake of Immune Defence.

However, if anyone exceeds the recommended dosage, he/ she may experience the following conditions:

  • Abdominal pain,
  • Anemia,
  • Lethargic
  • Nausea,
  • Copper Deficiency: It hinders the absorption of Immune Defence. 

The side effects due to over dosage can be temporary, and some may prevail for a long time.

So consult your general physician or doctor if the condition prevails for a long time. 

General FAQs about the Product (Immune Defence)

Q1: Is it Organic?

All the ingredients used in Immune Defence are natural.

Q2: Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

It is a good immune booster supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

Q3: Who can use this product?

The Immune Defence is preferable for all age groups regardless of health issues. Yet, children below 12 years must not use it at any cost despite any side effects of this product. Also, it is safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women too. 

They should not exceed the daily recommended dose in any condition. Still, it is better to seek the advice of your physician or health providers, if you experience pre-existing health concerns.

Also, elderly people with deficiencies, middle-aged men and women, and children above 12 years can use it. 

Q4: How long it takes for the results?

You can see the results within no time. The Immune Defence starts working instantly. It is better to take up to 4 lozenges every day according to the recommended dosage. You can maintain a stronger and improved immune system.

Q5: What is the flavor of Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is available in the form of lozenges in the flavor of aniseed. 

Q6: Is Immune Defence available for international users?

Yes, it is available all across the globe. 

Q7: Is the shipment made internationally?

Immune Defence has shipment all across the globe.

Q8: What is the delivery time?

It is available within 24-48 hours as soon the company dispatches its orders, and it comes all over its way. Not down the shipment timing for the following countries:

  • UK: 1 day (if you place an order during Mon-Thurs before 1pm BST). 
  • Europe: 3-10 working days.
  • Australia/ Canada/ Rest of the Countries: 5-15 working days. 
  • US: 3-7 days.  


Thus, Immune Defence is a perfect choice if you are looking for a supplement to enhance or improve your immunity.

It is available in the form of lozenges that are easy to consume and carry. Moreover, the product contains all the all-natural ingredients. 

However, the product is only available on the official website, and people younger than 12 years must not use it. 

Improving your immunity can help you fight against infections and diseases. Yet, it cannot provide a cure or treatment of COVID-19.

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